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53rd American Austin Bantam Club National Meet
July 18-21, 2016
Monroe, Michigan
For club members, it's 3 days of fun with car tour, judging, swap meet, technical seminar and sightseeing at the Henry Ford Museum.

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Welcome to the world's first organization dedicated exclusively to the restoration and preservation of American Austin and Bantam vehicles that were built in Butler, Pennsylvania. The club welcomes owners and fans of American Austin, American Bantam, Bantam Reconnaissance Cars, as well as the English Austin Seven and its derivatives.
American Austin and Bantam cars are part of the family
With its 75-inch wheelbase and width up to 56 inches, American Austin and Bantam cars are just small enough to be tucked away in the corner of a garage or large shed. Perhaps that's why they are found years later as barn finds in estate sales. Or maybe granddad couldn't part with the dear, little car that got him through the lean years of gas rationing during World War II. For whatever reason, the little cars have endeared themselves to become a part of the family.

For example, Alan learned to drive a stick-shift on his grandpa's 1938 American Bantam pickup. Grandpa drove the truck to an alley behind the corner plaza and Alan hopped into the driver's seat. Up and down the alley they went. Since Alan was five, he has attended almost 20 American Austin Bantam Club national meets.

So when Alan decided to marry, he hoped to incorporate that little pickup into his wedding. It didn't work out that way, but several weeks later, he and his wife recreated the wedding photos with the little Bantam in place. And they all lived happily ever after.

Now, we can't promise a storybook ending if you find one of these little cars. However, an
Old Cars Weekly writer said the American Austin and Bantam car was a "blue chip" prewar car that continues to hold its value--especially the convertibles. Plus, we know that these cars will attract a lot of attention at a car show. Or at least a grin from a child, who thinks the little vehicle was built just for him.
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Make plans now to come to our next national meet. Each year, the meet is held during the summer at a different location around the United States. Reminiscent of a family reunion, it's a great place to find parts, see some of the best cars in the country, learn technical tips, tour in your old cars and make new friends.

If you can't make it, that's okay. The club offers a subscription to the American Austin Bantam Club News. As a 16-time winner of
Old Cars Weekly's Golden Quill Award, the newsletter delivers fresh stories six times a year. So don't delay--join today!
Alan and his bride with a 1938 American Bantam pickup.
The Bantam Reconnaissance Car celebrates its 75th anniversary in September 2015.
Old Cars Weekly says this 1930 American Austin roadster continues to hold its value. We think so---especially if there's a friendly face behind the wheel.