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2015 National Meet
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
June 15 to 18, 2015
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Welcome to the world's first organization dedicated exclusively to the restoration and preservation of American Austin and Bantam vehicles that were built in Butler, Pennsylvania. The club welcomes owners and fans of American Austin, American Bantam, Bantam Reconnaissance Cars, as well as the English Austin Seven and its derivatives.
American Austin Bantam Club is still strong after 52 years.
The American Austin Bantam Club is still going strong after 52 years. What contributes to the longetivity of this club? Dedication, steadfast volunteers, a friendly attitude, a national meet reminiscent of a family reunion and a great newsletter. The American Austin Bantam Club News continues to delight its members with historical stories and human interest. Here are a few stories from the July/August 2014 issue:

Still loving our baby Austin roadster. It was love at first sight for Rebecca (pictured above) when she saw the perfect 1930 American Austin roadster. Five years later, the car still attracts attention wherever she goes.
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---The elegant Rosengart. Peter found a beautiful pair of 1928 Rosengarts at the 2014 Austin Seven Rally at the Beaulieu National Museum in England. Learn about its history.
--1941 Bantam: careening coach of coma. The Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC) was a combat car designed to transport military personnel. In the July/August issue, you'll read the first impression of one rider's 1300-mile journey taken in 1941. Here's an excerpt:

"Since the mid-Twentieth Century, the world has known the jeep as a rugged, go-anywhere-do-anything workhorse that grew larger and more luxurious as time marched on. But Bantam aficionados know that the baby trucks were something altogether different when they were born. They were a rough-riding, back-breaking, no-nonsense combat car built for a single purpose: to transport American military personnel quickly and safely no matter what obstacles got in the way.

"Today, the few remaining BRCs are tenderly cared for and are seldom taken off the road. So their owners may never experience the jarring rides that the little steeds are capable of delivering. Fortunately, a few intrepid journalists published their impressions when the first jeeps were new. Central Press Association reporter David Vormelker was one such journalist. Shortly before mustering out of the military to rejoin the syndicate, he completed a grueling 1,300 mile romp in a new BRC-40 as part of the Army Air Force 58th Pursuit Group..."

These are just a few of the stories you'll find in the American Austin Bantam Club News. As a 15-time winner of Old Cars Weekly's Golden Quill Awards, the American Austin Bantam Club delivers fresh stories six times a year.

Of course, you can't read them if you're not a member of the club. So don't delay--
join today! One of the best sources for American Austin and Bantam cars, parts and information will be delivered to your door, six times a year. (Ask for the July/August 2014 issue to finish the "..Coach of Coma" story.)

Make plans now to come to our next national meet. This summer the American Austin Bantam Club met in Manchester, New Hampshire. It's the first time that the club has ever ventured to New Hampshire. And, it probably won't be the last if Chris, the meet host, has any say. We frequently hear from first-time attendees who say we are one of the friendliest groups around. As the old saying goes, "There are no strangers here--only friends you haven't met yet."