American Austin Bantam Club

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A car club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of American Austin and Bantam vehicles that were built in Butler, Pennsylvania between 1930 and 1941. We welcome enthusiasts of the Austin Seven, American Austin, American Bantam and Bantam Reconnaissance Cars (BRC). 

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American Austin models
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Resources: Newsletters, Authenticity Manual, Related Links

The American Austin and American Bantam with its 75-inch wheelbase and small engine (14 to 22 horsepower) is still popular with collectors today. It easily fits in the corner of any garage. With its diminutive size, it is often the jewel of the car show garnering more attention than the big boys.

A group of enthusiasts formed the American Austin Bantam Club in 1962 and we are still going strong. The club, affectionately known as the AABC, offers a bi-monthly newsletter and the popular American Austin Bantam Club Authenticity Manual to its members.  Our national meets, which are held at a different location every year, include a swap meet, technical seminar, car judging, tour and the chance to make lifelong friends. Its the relationships within the club that will help you find parts and get your car back on the road. 

To join:
$30 annual dues for those living within the United States.  
$35 annual dues for those living in Canada or a foreign country.
Make checks payable to:
American Austin Bantam Club
P.O. Box 6962
Granbury, TX 76049-0135

Pay with PayPal.
Annual dues are $32 for U.S.A. delivery and $37 for all others.