American Austin Bantam Club

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american bantam 1938 to 1941

Roy Evans reorganized American Austin and launched a new line of economy cars for 1938.  The American Bantam Car Company of Butler, Pennsylvania introduced a new streamlined exterior using the same basic body shell and added a more powerful engine. Sales were dismal. Bantam ended their civilian production in June 1940 after approximately 6,700 vehicles were manufactured. Of historical significance, the American Bantam Car Company was the first manufacturer to deliver a prototype jeep to the Army in September 1940. They went on to manufacture 2,675 Bantam Reconnaissance Cars (BRCs) until they lost the government contract in 1941. They survived by producing utility trailers, semi trailers, farm equipment and other ventures until the assets were sold to ARMCO in 1956. 

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1938 Bantam Boulevard Delivery
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1938 Bantam Pickup
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1939 Bantam Station Wagon
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1939 Bantam Roadster
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Bantam Rarity Chart
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1940 Bantam Hollywood
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1940 Bantam Coupe
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1941 Bantam Reconnaissance Car
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BRC & Bantam Trailer Rarity Chart

American Bantam Civilian Vehicle Specifications:
Production Years: 1938-1940
Wheelbase: 75 inches
Payload: 500 pounds
Engines: 1938 to 1940, 20 hp., 4 cyl.; 1940, 22 hp., 4 cyl.
Designers: Count Alexis deSakhnoffsky, Alex Tremulis, Roy Evans

Body Styles and Production Years:
5-Window Coupe, 1938-1940
5-Window Business Coupe, 1938
Boulevard Delivery, 1938-1939
Club Roadster, 1939
Convertible Coupe & Hollywood, 1940
Convertible Sedan & Riviera, 1940
Panel Truck, 1938-1940
Pickup Truck, 1938-1940
Roadster, 1938-1940
Speedster, 1938-1940
Station Wagon, 1938-1940
Sun-Air Roof Coupe, 1938
Utility Wagon (steel bodied), 1938
Utility Camping Trailer, 1938
Utility Military/Civilian trailer, 1942-1948

Bantam BRC-60 (round nosed) 1940-1941
Bantam BRC-40 (flat nosed) 1941
Wheelbase: 85 inches
Payload: 500 pounds
Engine: 40 hp., 4 cyl. by Continental